Review of Marcus Bagge

“Your submission was among the top-rated entries in the Magnum Photography Awards 2016. This is an impressive accomplishment given the record number of submissions we received. You are one of the most talented photographers of the year.” 

The Magnum and LensCulture Teams
Awarded Lifetime member

Marcus Bagge is a Master photographer, based in Simrishamn, Sweden. For 30 years he has explored the melancholic world we live in.

In his pictures he wants to examine another reality, a reality that exists in the shadow of facades. A beautiful emptiness where the true selves are exposed and where everything can exist. A questioning of life; About what's really important. He wants to show the absurdity that can arise if you freeze a moment from any person's life, and through that also question the norms that arrange us in a rule compartment of the time.

It's about how we handle situations, meetings, conflicts, feelings, both foreign and familiar. A parallel world where he explores human behavior and its living space, both with and without her participation.

With a melancholy backdrop, he tries to contextualize the beautiful in the sad, the exposed, the maladapted and the lost, in the presence of something forbidden, dangerous, shameful and dirty.

You dig where you stand and regardless of whether you remain or have moved on, the place leaves deep traces. All people have tracks, more or less overgrown, but for some it is still abysmal holes that never change. He wants to raise awareness and shape this, bring it to life and show the beauty that is in the shadow of the facade.

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